Reproductive Health & Rights

Concerned with an exploding population in the Latin American and Caribbean region caused by inadequate access to reproductive health services, the Trustees of the WestWind Foundation decided to create a program that would support NGOs that work to provide services and improve access both in the region and in other parts of the globe. The program operates with the understanding of the international agreement made in Cairo in 1994 at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), when the global community affirmed its commitment to address population growth by working to ensure individual rights and freedoms rather than demographic targets.

In lieu of these trends, the goals of the Reproductive Health and Rights Program are to support NGOs that seek to:

  1. Improve access to reproductive health services, particularly in the LAC region;
  2. Promote reproductive health and rights, both domestically and abroad; and
  3. Promote adolescent sexual and reproductive health, both domestically and in the LAC region.
Advocates for Youth

Funding Priorities

The RHR Program currently supports non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work both domestically and abroad to improve women’s access to reproductive health services. Grants in the RHRP are made primarily to U.S. based organizations for: (1) international projects in the Latin America and Caribbean region; and (2) projects that have national significance. There is also a small portion of funds that are available for global, opportunistic projects.

WestWind gives priority to organizations that:

  • Provide direct, on-the-ground services;
  • Advocate for better access to reproductive health services; and
  • Promote education and training and other proactive strategies to address reproductive health issues.

The foundation supports organizations that seek to advance a range of reproductive health issues, including, but not limited to: (1) supporting emergency contraception; (2) promoting adolescent sexuality education and empowerment; (3) preventing maternal mortality; and (4) providing post-abortion care.


Advocates for Youth
Catholics for Choice
Women LEAD Nepal student Anukriti Kunwar at Teaching Consent and Ending Sexual Assault event in 2019
11.	GLI students at The Walk for Equality in Northern California
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Catholics for Choice
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Konbit Sante
Konbit Sante
Konbit Sante
Advocates for Youth